Elevate the vibes

inside of any space you deem necessary.


Candles need a little TLC.

Our candles are handcrafted with reusable glass vessels using an organic coconut blend wax. These beautiful aromas are birthed from distinct fragrances carefully formulated to support sustainable living and provide a clean burn. No parabens or phthalates. Made with love in Wichita, Kansas. 



After purchasing several candles at a popular retailer in Summer 2019, avid candle lover Erica jokingly says, "As much as I spend on candles, I could be making my own." Not realizing what she was speaking into existence, Erica decided to explore the art of blending unique scents with a variety of waxes in comfort of her home.

"While feeling isolated and anxious at the beginning of 2020's pandemic, I discovered that scents can increase mental clarity, relieve stress, and boost your energy. It's important to me that you feel a sense of renewal whenever you walk into a space where Room Esscentials is found."

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